Terms & Conditions

1.) Lessons are booked in blocks of four or five depending on the amount of lessons that month. All lessons must be paid in full at the start of the month. Each session lasts 30mins and costs £12.50.
2.) If we need to cancel your lesson we will be happy to reschedule with no additional charge.
3.) We require a minimum of one weeks notice for a cancellation. No more than one cancellation will be refunded per month unless specific arrangements have been arranged with your tutor.
4.) If you fail to show up for a lesson you will still be charged £12.50.
5.) If you are late for a lesson, we will still finish at the pre-arranged time as to ensure there is no knock on effect with other students.
6.) Please do not call or text your tutor before 8am or after 9pm from Monday to Friday. We’re open from 9am – 3pm on Saturdays.