By this stage you should be up and running and playing the kit with a real sense of confidence. As part of your development we will be helping you play with more expression. ‘Dynamics’ is an aspect that a lot of drummers overlook until a much later stage of their development, this is something we try to teach early on to drummers so it becomes second nature. Also at this level we can start to look at the complexity of the grooves and fills that we will have been using up to this point. Speed, accuracy, energy efficiency will all be factors. As well as this we will start dipping into different styles of drumming. This will really help with defining your own style plus it will give both you, the student, and your tutor an idea of what direction you want to go in with your drumming and learning.

PRICE: £15 for 30mins

If you’re really dedicated to becoming a better drummer, then don’t waste anymore time looking for information on the internet. We can quick step you to improving your new skills to a more advanced level. The correct instruction and direction will expand your skills and help you become a more confident and competent drummer. The secret to learning and perfecting an instrument is to be taught using a solid, committed and realistic plan. Through years of experience in playing and teaching Phil has developed well-structured courses that enable you to improve something new every time you sit down to learn with a clear focused understanding of what you are about to do.

Our intermediate lesson plan will cover the following:

• Time keeping control
• Posture
• Hands and feet technique
• Co-ordination and independence
• Rudiments
• Dynamics
• Music theory
• Reading
• Groove and feel
• Style studies (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Funk, World Music)
• Understanding of song form
• Improvisation
• Developing an efficient practice schedule
• Setting up and tuning drums
• Band practice
• Live and studio playing